If you need compression on more than just the legs, choose pants, as they put a comfortable pressure on the lower back and stomach and particularly on the gluteal muscles.

The large gluteal muscles extend the hip, for example, whereas the medial and small gluteal muscles are in charge of abducting the thighs. The gluteal muscles play an important role in our everyday lives, and we couldn’t stand or walk without them. In sports requiring explosive strength, the role of the gluteal muscles is much bigger than that of quadriceps, for example.

Note! The package only includes pants, pressure hoses and hose covers. The compressor is not included in the delivery. Select the compatibility with the compressor from the drop-down menu. (ACTIVE, ROGUE).

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  • the delivery does not include the compressor, only the pants (select compatibility from the drop-down menu)
  • if you have previously bought one of our models with legs and want to invest in trousers, we now also sell these separately.
  • the pants package includes pants, compatible pressure hoses and hose covers
  • in the product image, pants suitable for ROGUE, where the pressure hoses go to the compressor from the hip
  • ACTIVE’s pants are otherwise the same as in the picture, but in them the pressure hoses go to the compressor at the end of the toes
Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 30,0 × 20 × 25 cm
We don't recommend using Cloudboots, if

– you have been diagnosed with another serious illness, – you have been diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure, – for the treatment of superficial venous blockages, pressure therapy is recommended, but do not use the device if you have deep venous blockages, – you are pregnant, – you are undergoing treatment for a blood clot, – you have been diagnosed with cerebral artery bulging, – you have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, – you have been diagnosed with hemophilia


Wondering about which size to choose for the boots? Not to worry, as the simple instructions below will help you choose the right size in no time. If you don’t want to spend any more time thinking about what size to get, we recommend choosing the pants. You can read the article “Pants or boots?” here.


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Speed ups
your recovery after exercise, enabling you to increase training frequency

muscle ache and tenderness

lymphatic circulation

Provides quick, effective targeted treatment
for swollen legs


Pants vs. Boots

The leg model of the Cloudboots devices are two separate units into which the legs are inserted. They are designed to be pulled up all the way to the groin. With the Cloudboots pants version, you can also treat some other important muscle groups as well – the buttocks, pelvic area and lower back. The buttock muscles are essential for almost all active movement – walking, running, squatting, even getting out of bed in the morning.

For this reason, any truly effective pressure therapy treatment should not overlook this particularly important muscle group.


6 programs

All Cloudboots models have six programs. The programs differ in the order in which the pressure is applied in the air chambers of the legs or pants. Some of the programs are designed for muscle warm-up and treatment similar to traditional massage, and one program is designed to simulate massage of the lymphatic system. Read about the programs of the Rogue, Lite and Active Cloudboots models here. 


Elias Valtonen

“After training or a match, I don’t always want to go to a masseur or don’t have the time, so most often I just pull on my Cloudboots as soon as I get home.”


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