Jaakko Sillankorva, X-Speed United

International-level road cyclist, Jaakko Sillankorva, is one of the toughest Finnish names in the future of road cycling. For the coming season, Jaakko will aim for the next level in international competitions and to take significant steps forward. In 2023, Jaakko will continue in the same team (X-Speed United), and the competition programme is of higher quality and the performance should also improve. In cycling, making steady progress plays a very big role and year after year bar is set for a higher level. Jaakko seemed like such a determined guy that we wanted to support him.

“As an endurance athlete, my training is often very demanding in terms of quantity and intensity due to a hard training and competition routine. In addition to doing elite sports, I also study at Tampere University, so Cloudboots have played a significant role in taking care of recovery and relaxation in the evenings, especially when as a cyclist the load is mainly on the legs. The Cloudboots Rogue pants meet my needs well, and takes care of the recovery of the entire lower body. I’m looking forward to next season and hard stage races and will be making the best use of the Cloudboots between hard race days.”

“My next goals are the men’s Finnish championship in road cycling, becoming a professional cyclist and winning the UCI competition in the coming seasons. I see these goals as achievable, even though I am aware of the great demands of my sport, which calls for perseverance.”
@jaakkosillankorva, Strava Cyclist Profile | Jaakko Sillankorva, @xspeedunited

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