Giesen Grizzlys – Bundesliga

Helios GRIZZLYS Giesen is a fully professional volleyball team playing in 1st Bundesliga in Germany. The club has been playing in this highest level already several years fighting for the position on the lower middle of the table, but this season the team has taken a step closer to the top. They reached the semi-finals in the German cup and now after the regular season start the fight in the playoffs. For the upcoming years the goal is clear: keep improving inside and outside of the court and try to reach the top of the league.

Giesen Grizzlys has strong Finnish connections since they have two Finnish National Team players in the roster, Fedor Ivanov and Voitto Köykkä. Both players are an important part of the team and an absolute elite of the league. The team has also a Finnish assistant coach, Antti Poikela, who recently retired from his own playing career and turned into coaching.

Giesen Grizzlys and Cloudboots started the co-operation last year and the team received their own pair of Rogue Cloud8 recover boots in the beginning of the season. For them important is to be able to use the boots easily on the way. It has been a very welcome addition to their recovery tools:

“ We are using the recovery boots regularly after harder trainings during the week and especially around the games and longer game trips. Some players like using them more often than others, but mostly the feedback has been positive, they can feel a clear difference in recovery after the use. Our physiotherapist is using the boots with the players always on the longer trips for making the players physically ready for the matches. For us they work particularly well for “flushing” the legs after travelling which gives a much fresher feeling for the body and prepare the players to perform. “ (Assistant Coach Antti Poikela)

In our selection, you find also XL boots, which are great choice for taller guys. In picture 3, boots are recovering legs of Jakob Günthör (212cm).

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