Before and after Cloudboots treatment

Picture this; all that’s left in your workout are the final intervals, or the final spurt of your workday. Before long, you’ll be able to enjoy a restorative massage on your sofa at home, courtesy of Cloudboots. Before and after the pressure treatment there are a few things to consider, as we explain below.

You’re likely to be one of those people who like to change out of their work clothes at home into something more comfortable. Or you’re coming straight from the gym, you’re probably already wearing clothing from flexible material. This is important because, for one thing, the treatment does not feel as comfortable in jeans, as the material itself tightens during the treatment and can make it less effective. Also check that there’s nothing in your pockets. Keys or the like would cause discomfort when the compression starts.

If you put on your Cloudboots right after your workout, remember to stay hydrated during the compression treatment. For many people, pressure therapy causes an increased need to go to the toilet, so drinking enough is important. 

If you use Cloudboots pants, avoid eating before the treatment. Since the pants extend to the lower abdomen and back, the treatment will cause discomfort in the lower abdomen on a full stomach. 

The appropriate duration of treatment is anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes. You can also use your Cloudboots for longer if you wish, but keep in mind that the muscle tone you’ll need for the next day’s workout might be lacking if you use the compression treatment for much longer than 50 minutes or so. 

After the treatment, it is a good idea to remove the pressure hose assembly from the compressor and pack the boots away until you next need them. As you’re likely to be a frequent user of your Cloudboots, you should not remove the pressure hose connectors from the boots or pants. 

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