Anna Pursiainen, Espoon Tapiot

Anna Pursiainen is an 18-year-old sprinter and member of Espoon Tapiot athletics club, who despite her young age has already represented Finland internationally. In 2021, Anna gained valuable experience at various events, including the World Athletics Junior U20 Championships and the European Athletics Championships. Pursiainen won silver in the 60-metre indoor competition at the 2020 Finnish athletics championships.

Anna is an ambitious athlete who trains hard, and we wanted to offer her some extra recovery support by sending her a pair of Cloudboots. Here’s what Anna had to say about them:

“I use my Cloudboots every day to speed up recovery. This is essential in order to develop as an athlete, and Cloudboots are great for it. And I think they’re suitable for amateurs as well as competitive athletes. Since Cloudboots have a wide range of recovery treatment programmes, everyone is sure to find one that’s right for them.” 

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